How to Appreciate Little Things in the Workplace

  Written by: Aliya Soraya Shafiee Have you ever wondered how often you appreciate others, even for little things? Have you ever felt not appreciated by others? How it feels like? Especially after you have done so much? In a workplace, positive energy sometimes come from appreciating others. Co-workers or an employer will feel appreciated... Continue Reading →


Reality TV Shows in Malaysia: Government’s Feedback

Written by Nuremy Mohd Khairi   Reality TV shows are now common in Malaysian television industry as the industry are following the trend of American reality TV shows which have managed to gain popularity around the globe. Thanks to this, similar programs in Malaysia such as Akademi Fantasia and Mencari Cinta were accepted positively. Not... Continue Reading →

Pedophiles Extend Their Reach in Social Media Sites?

  Written by: Noor Zahra Zamalik Does the tendency towards pedophilia something of intrinsic nature or is it environmentally motivated? Pedophilia or paraphilia is a sexual tendency for under age children or prepubescent children. In “Psychophatia Sexualis” (1986), an article written by an Austro-German psychiatrist Richard von Kraftt-Ebing, he stated that the term paedophillia erotica... Continue Reading →

Internet and Social Media Fraud

    Written by Shafiaina Izhar   The Internet is the popular medium to reach the audience without spending a lot of money and time. The online tools such as website or social media site can reach a huge number of audiences with minimum effort to make. However, social media is reportedly as a main... Continue Reading →

Is Feminism Still Relevant?

  Written by: Nazmi Suraya Bt Ruslan     Feminism today is portrayed as a thing of the past that many people believed that we don't need it anymore because the society thinks that women already have the equal rights. It is actually great that women today feel like they already have the equal opportunities... Continue Reading →

The Role of Communication in Health Messages

Written by Nurhanis Hazry Communication plays a vital role in improving the health’s awareness among society. It is impossible to disseminate and to promote healthy choices if we could not communicate. As stated by Northouse (1998), communication is an important, instrumental, powerful and purposeful process that involves a verbal and non-verbal transaction in sharing information by... Continue Reading →

The rise of Digital economy

Written by Samiyah Nur Hasyimah The introduction of “year of digital economy” has opened the opportunity to people in Malaysia to expand their market to worldwide through “Digital Free Trade Zone”. Through this, we can see how advertising roles has changed the media landscape in Malaysia by using online digital platform as an alternative for... Continue Reading →

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