Different Culture Across the Globe

Written By Aris Abdul Rahman   Culture consists of symbol, norms, language and values. Culture is what we wear, the way we speak, the type of food we eat, our belief in right or wrong and there are actually many more ways to describe culture. “Assalamualikun”, “Hello”, “Hai”, “Sayonara” is culture. Culture can be term... Continue Reading →


The Future of Facebook

Written by Nuremy Khairi   Facebook was launched by Marc Zuckerberg in February 2004. At that time nobody could predict what the future holds for this new networking site. Let’s face the facts that Facebook has helped many of us become writers in our very own way. It has developed people’s mind and capabilities in... Continue Reading →

The Reality Television Programs in Malaysia.

Written By Amirah Sohaimi   Reality TV is typically defined as a non-fictional programming in which portrayal is presumed to present current, historical events or circumstances. The production itself must be a realistic account.  Generally included in this category are news and public affairs programming, interviews, talk shows, entertainment, or news programming, documentaries, real world... Continue Reading →


written by Eric Rosli Does the term 'medical tourism' is unusual or strange to you? Medical tourism can be defined as an activity that one makes in travelling and hosting a tourist stays for one or more nights at the destination region in the purpose of maintaining, improving or restoring health through medical intervention. Medical... Continue Reading →


Remember when Facebook just about updating status, posting pictures, and adding friends? Back in 2004 when Facebook was launched, everyone went crazy over it instantly. Everyone wanted to have their own account so that they will be in a so called ‘in trend’. As time goes by, Facebook keeps on adding and improving their features.... Continue Reading →


written by Eric Rosli Do you realize that with only one picture can make someone become as famous as celebrity? With only one viral video can boost someone’s business to the peak? These are the few great things about internet that make us addicted to it! However, internet is more useful and beneficial if we... Continue Reading →


written by Eric Rosli Society is stereotyping breast cancer as a norm for women since it is more likely be linked as one of the disease that be diagnosed in women compare to men. In addition, breast cancer also been recognized as one of the dangerous threats to women’s health. Therefore, if we can see,... Continue Reading →


Written by Illyana Helmy Robophobia is an anxiety disorder which makes a person has an irrational fear of robots, drones or any other robot-like mechanics. It often results a panic attack and always can be triggered by certain stimuli or situation. For instance, it happens while viewing a robot, talking about robots or being near... Continue Reading →

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