Branded Handbag as Relationship’s Shield?

Written by Hani Zarina What type of culture are we dealing with? Some people are ranked and being judged just by their appearances or what designer brands they are using. Does all the branded stuff define what's within and our personality? Branded goods do not define the inner quality of anyone, but it is rather... Continue Reading →


Online Shopping Trend in Malaysia

Written by Nur Izzyan Roslan Since the advancement of the technology and the introduction of the first internet in Malaysia way back in 1999 by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, the Internet usage of Malaysia has rapidly grown. Rapid developments in telecommunications have set the pace for an electronic... Continue Reading →

‘Gamification’– Engaging The New Age Consumer

Written by Syed Shahfuddin bin Syed Zainal Abidin Gamification is the process of adding game-like elements to something as to encourage partaking. In other words, gamification is about transforming something, which is hypothetically boring and uninteresting into a game for people to engage in. Various professions use gamification to improve productivity or simply to increase... Continue Reading →


Written by Halimatul Nabilah Social media has evolved into such a powerful tool in the world. The biggest evolution is the live video function that Instagram and Facebook have applied to their application. This live streaming video started in 2016, but evolved in 2017 and is making a huge impact to everyone including digital advertisers... Continue Reading →

Perhentian Island, a perfect island getaway!

Written by Vivie Emirza Eka Located at the east coast of Malaysia, Perhentian Island is now a famous tourist spot. The breath-taking view at Perhentian Island is just so mesmerizing. Perhentian as translated in English means a place to stop, looking back at the history of Terengganu where this was the place for traders who... Continue Reading →

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