Identity Theft Through Social Media

Written by Rafidah Abdul Aziz We may have overlooked at the existence of Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (Act 709), which is aimed at protecting individuals’ personal information from falling into the hands of irresponsible parties, especially without permission, in the context of commercial transactions. Act 709 seeks to protect personal data from being misused... Continue Reading →



Written by Irfarina Ahmad Nazli Much is said about advertising’s powerful and persuasive influence over audience’s attitude and behaviour. Advertisement reflects a society’s aspirations through its socio-cultural narratives with the use of perfected images, creating a desire for people to attain such level of perfection. According to CBS News, a person is exposed to about... Continue Reading →

Melaka is insta-worthy place

Written by Fiqa Jamal Photography during vacation is always a hot commodity on the internet where users will upload interesting pictures of their vacation spots in their social media such as Instagram. ‘Insta-worthy’ means a picture with value, meaning or beautiful enough to be uploaded to the Instagram page. Insta-worthy pictures can influence followers to track... Continue Reading →

Different Culture Across the Globe

Written By Aris Abdul Rahman   Culture consists of symbol, norms, language and values. Culture is what we wear, the way we speak, the type of food we eat, our belief in right or wrong and there are actually many more ways to describe culture. “Assalamualikun”, “Hello”, “Hai”, “Sayonara” is culture. Culture can be term... Continue Reading →

The Future of Facebook

Written by Nuremy Khairi   Facebook was launched by Marc Zuckerberg in February 2004. At that time nobody could predict what the future holds for this new networking site. Let’s face the facts that Facebook has helped many of us become writers in our very own way. It has developed people’s mind and capabilities in... Continue Reading →

The Reality Television Programs in Malaysia.

Written By Amirah Sohaimi   Reality TV is typically defined as a non-fictional programming in which portrayal is presumed to present current, historical events or circumstances. The production itself must be a realistic account.  Generally included in this category are news and public affairs programming, interviews, talk shows, entertainment, or news programming, documentaries, real world... Continue Reading →

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